I’m travelling with my WakaWaka by air, what should I bear in mind?

Bear in mind that travelling with your WakaWaka by air confronts you with custom regulations. The WakaWaka Power+, WakaWaka Base5 and WakaWaka Base10 have a LiPo battery, which falls under specific regulations at customs. Please check airline baggage regulations for the exact regulations at your flight. 

In a few countries, e.g. China and Thailand, the customs may ask you for information on the specifications of the Lithium Ion battery of your WakaWaka.

To make travelling a bit easier for you and to avoid problems at customs, we’ve made a clear overview of the battery specifications. If customs are asking about specifications of the WakaWaka battery, please show them the following overview. (Tip: Save this overview on your phone for situations you don’t have access to internet)


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